Sunday, March 9, 2014

Struggles and Finding Help

OK.  For those of you who keep up with my blog, before you bite my head off for not posting for nearly half a year lately, just let me give you a few excuses...oh yeah, I don't have any.  To be honest, life has been going quite well for me lately.  Lucas seems to be in perfect health.  No ear infections or anything.  My dear husband, Eddie, is doing pretty good as well.

And although things are looking up for me, I cannot even begin to explain the struggles that I have been going through lately.  There is a certain battle in my life that I'm not quite willing to share with the public just yet that I have been fighting for the past several months.  This battle has turned into a war, and to be honest, I'm waiting for God to win it for me. After all, there are no struggles in life that I can win all by myself, right?  Isn't it God who I have to turn my battles over to?

Other than this slight battle, everything else seems to be going really good.  I've been praying about mine and Eddie's finances, and just as quick as I started praying about them, God blessed me with a job where I'm making double triple four times as much as I usually make.  That's right!  I'm quickly getting used to a whole new standard of life that I'm not usually accustom to.  Sure, I've been blessed my whole life when it comes to finances, but for once, it's me that's paying for the things that I really want. It's so great not having to ask my family for gas money the things that I want or need.

This new job that I've landed is not a job that is certain to last any longer than tomorrow, so it's something I have to turn daily over to Jesus.  He is the one who is in charge of my future.  He's in charge of what happens to me and my family tomorrow.  And honestly, I completely trust him.  He's not out to get me.  He has my best interest in mind, and more importantly, he has my family's best interest in mind.

No matter your struggles, and rest assured that I know you have one, or two, or three, God is here to help you with them.  He is here to help you overcome your fears.  No matter your past, whether it be tangled up with drugs, lies, stealing, sleeping around, etc., God is here to help you.  He has helped me, and He is here to help you.  I come from a past that is full of lies and shame, but still yet, God has helped me deal with those sleepless nights where guilt and shame kept me awake.  He can help you too.  All you have to do is say, "God Help Me Please."