Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tomorrow Never Gets Here

When our lives are full of anticipation, we often forget to ask for patience.  We stay so consumed with being anxious, looking to get to the next the big thing in our life, that we take for granted the blessings in which we are currently being provided. 

Tomorrow will not bring the satisfaction that we are looking for.  Tomorrow will bring its own troubles, just as today has.  We must get to a point in our life in which we are satisfied with today.  Today is a blessing.  Each passing second is more than what we deserve, and they should never be taken for granted. 

We are not in control of what tomorrow will hold, so never assume it is going to pan out as you have it planned.  On the bright side, we can find hope in knowing that tomorrow might be better than what the present day is providing us with. 

For me, being patient and taking one day at a time is a hard thing to do. I constantly want for tomorrow to get here, because I feel as if the presence of that day will somehow give me what I need. Give me what I have been looking for. Unfortunately, this causes me to forget that I have already been given exactly what I need to get through this very day at hand.

Patience can be provided to those of us who ask for it. It is not something that can be developed overnight if we seek it on our own; however, if we ask the Man above, it can be instilled within us in the blink of an eye.

Continually remember, tomorrow always turns into today.  Keeping this in mind, also remember that the only day to find true hope and patience in is today.  Today is what you have been searching for.  Today is a blessing.  Today is enough...enough to get you through until tomorrow.  Tomorrow has finally gotten is today.

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  1. This is something everyone should read...
    Thank you for your words and thoughts.