Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ways to Overcome Self Pity

Today was one of those days.  You know, one that does not quite go like you expect it to, but in the back of your head, you know that a day in which things do not go according to plan is nothing out of the ordinary.  In fact, if you are anything like me, this type of day is so common that it brings forth
a strong sense of familiarity.

There are some people in my life that I cannot figure out.  I cannot figure out their motives, nor if anything they say is true or not.  For the life of me, I want to believe everything they say, but then again part of me wants not to believe it, because some of things they say cut me deep.

I am really trying to not smother myself in self pity today about not knowing how to 'take' some people.  I have done a pretty good job at avoiding it so far, but the night has not even gotten here yet.  So, to help myself, I think it is key to remind myself how to avoid such a horrible feeling to get caught up in.  Below, is what I have come up with so far when it comes to clearing one's mind of self pity.

Quit Thinking Obsessively

Self pity is a behavior.  People undergo feelings of self pity when they obsessively think about a certain situation.  In order to overcome it, a person has to acknowledge that it exist, as well as completely rid of the thoughts that initially caused one to pity his or herself.  Negative persons, as I tend to be, are often the worse people when it comes to pitying themselves.  We have to get rid of the negative thoughts.  Whatever the situation is that is causing feelings of self pity, it needs to be completely forgotten about.  Almost as if it never happened.  This does not mean we cannot learn from the situation, as the best type of learning often comes from the worst of circumstances, but we have to move on.  WE HAVE TO GET OVER OURSELVES!!

Physical Exercise (I am still working on this one;)

Movement of the body relieves stress, and for people with self pity, it can help eliminate the associated feelings too.  The more we move, the better our body and mind feels.  Plus, since we are exerting energy into exercising, we have less energy to devote to feelings of self pity. 

Be Thankful

I believe that one of the number one ways to overcome self pity is to have an attitude of gratitude.  Be thankful for anything and everything.  It is pertinent that we people who loathe in self pity remember that God allowed every circumstance to occur within our life for a certain reason.  And, usually this reason is so that we can become a better person from it.  The underlying beneficial factor in keeping an attitude of gratitude is that you CANNOT be grateful and sorry for yourself at the same time.  So, if you choose gratefulness, then self pity goes out the window and has no area in your mind to consume.

It Could Always be Worse

Just remember, things can always get worse.  Sure, they could get better, but pray they do not get worse.  Oh yeah, key thing to do is PRAY.  Prayer is the most powerful tool you can use to overcome self pity.  Just give it a try.  I promise it will work.

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